Grain Sourcing: We are reliable when it comes to sourcing for any grain (such as Sorghum, Maize, soybean, Beans…) which can be delivered Nationwide. Our close relationships with famers’ enables us ensure we give the best of quality produce.

Grain Processing: We process grains to actualise fine clean produce. Our sophisticated state of the art Pre-cleaning machines are designed to eliminate all existing impurities attached to the grains inclusive of the chaff, All unwanted materials like metals, stones, stems, chaff, sand and dust which comes with the

produce as a result of the harvesting process are eliminated through De- stoners, De-awner, Magnet, cyclones and Pre-cleaning (shaker) system.

STORAGE: We have 2 silos capacity of 2,000 tons (1,000 tons for each silo) and an additional warehouse of over 6,000 storage capacity

BAGGING: We bag in various sizes (such as 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 18kg, SOkg… 100kg) depending on specifications and request of our clients.

FUMIGATION: pest control is of essential when housing or storing grains and that is why Zecool Investment co. has a well trained and efficient team that can execute all pest and rodents existing within the surroundings of produce.


We are currently expanding towards including milling process to our services projected to be ready by December 2018